Botselo Farming

Under the expert management of Richard Hobson, the farming operation forms an integral part of the group.

Our Story

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The farming operation comprises 15 250 hectares, of which 9 600 hectares is cropping and 5 650 is cattle farming. These hectares are spread over four farms, namely Hakbushpan, Papiesvlakte, Lawn and De Rust.


Richard’s passion for cropping is illustrated through the enthusiasm with which he accepts the challenges of extensive dryland cropping on 9 600 hectares, as well as centre pivot irrigation on 90 hectares, maize being the primary crop. In addition, sunflower and soybean are used as rotation crops.

The cattle farming operation consists of back grounding weaner calves bought on cattle auctions at approximately 220 kg. These calves are run on natural grazing or cultivated pastures until they reach a weight of 300 kg. On average there are 3000 calves being back grounded and 3000 fed in the feedlot at any one time Botselo Farming also runs a Bonsmara and Simbra Breeding herd on the farm.  Only Bonsmara Bulls are used.

The continual search for better farming practices has led Richard to apply precision farming in all its formats. This has resulted in dramatic yield increases over the past 5 years from a base of 3 to 5.1 tons per hectare. This is reflected by now being able to produce  1 kg of maize from 11 mm of rain in spite of the fact that Botselo Farming is located in an area deemed to be marginal.